• Services on Sunday February 19 will be at 900am at St. Andrews, York and at 1100am at St.Peter's, Malbay. The time and location of service(s) with the Bishop on February 26 will be posted later this week.

  • Services for Sunday, February 26, with co-adjutor Bruce Myers, Rev. Cynthia Patterson and Rev. Douglas Johnson as follows: St. Paul's Gaspé - 10 a.m. (H.E.). St. Peter's, Mal Baie, 2 p.m. Both services will be followed by a simple reception.
  • Welcome to the website of the congregations of the Greater Parish of Gaspé.  Please check back in the new year, as major changes are in the planning stages.

    Each congregation in the Greater Parish has prepared a page on this site to introduce themselves to you.  We have included history and photos to show you where we have been.  Our current schedule and weekly announcements invite you to join us today and tomorrow.

    Please visit us, via the web and in person, to share our celebration of Christ’s presence in this part of the world.

    Present clergy:

    Cynthia Patterson, 418-645-2715 or 581-887-1578 Email; Cynthia Patterson

    Doug Johnson, Deacon, 418.645.2983, Email; Doug Johnson

    Churches of the Parish of Gaspe